So Much Has Changed

So much has changed. My life. My desires. My experience. My circumstances. A lot can change in a year, a month, a day, a moment. So many times I’ve wanted to come on this blog and write, come up with content, but haven’t had the words to write. I think to myself, “I’ll make a vlog instead,” yet never find the words to say. I want to share my life online without feeling like I am forcing it, without feeling as if I am searching for fame (because I am not).

I’ve always had a desire to share my story, my testimony, in hopes that it will help someone else, but even then I feel guilty as if I am seeking some type of vainglory. I guess I’ll just start by being real, sharing my journey in hopes that it brings glory to God and helps me to stay accountable.

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Lover of God, my two sons, and God's people. Homemaker. A simplistic soul, healing and being made whole in Yeshua Messiah. Thanks for stopping by!

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