Ways I Save Money

You can save a lot of money by not always having to be in the mix. I am an introvert, but I enjoy adventure and a change of scenery. Since getting married, having another child, developing additional allergies, on top of the COVID pandemic, I’ve spent a lot more time at home which in turn has contributed to me saving money.

I used to spend so much money on clothes, hair, and nails just to go out and spend money on food (because I was too lazy to cook), or to go to a sweaty, funky bar or lounge (because I was single and bored).

My life is filled with excitemrnt now. I don’t work. I wake up. I clean. I tend to the house. With me not getting out much, which I believe also contributes to safety, I have no need for a lot of clothing and external material things. I’m pretty confident in my own skin because of my confidence in God, though I deal with certain health issues. I am not caught up in a lot of vanity anymore.

Now, being at home can contribute to borerom and an urge to want to see something new. And for me, that translates to awaiting Amazon.com shipments to be delivered like a child awaiting Christmas day to open gifts. But even with those purchases, if I feel a product is not quality, is not absolutely necessary, or I simply change my mind, I will return an item with the quickness. Side note: I’m considering cancelling my Amazon prime account. I have my staples that I purchase from there, but I’m considering a low-by lifestyle for the rest of the year. Aside from food and certain items for the house, there is nothing that I truly need. I don’t go many places so there’s no need for a lot of clothing.

My money saving has increased by default. Life is a lot more simpler now, and there are less people that I feel the need to impress. The less I go around the outside world, the more I’m able to save…And I like it that way.

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